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Planning a group trip

Planning a group trips has several advantages. It could help teams to bond or helping to cut travel costs. Arranging a group trip can however be a nightmare. The excitement of having the group trip vanishes when you have to plan out the details. Whether you love or you have reluctantly accepted to be the tour leader, you do not need to panic. Just be organized and give your family, friends or colleagues an excellently executed experience. These tips will help you achieve that.


Communicate clearly

Imagine being added to a big WhatsApp group about a certain event. One friend keeps posting one-liner messages leading to notification overload. The second friend only communicates using emojis. The thirds friend turns up 100 messages deep and asks so many questions whose answers can simply be found by scrolling up. You will be irritated, right? Such things can easily happen when you are planning for a group trip. While instant messaging is very useful in such scenarios, it can also be a source of confusion or irritation. Always be concise and clear when sharing information. When seeking to gather sensitive information, check in with the attendees individually. Some people fear to voice their concerns in the group if they feel it goes against other people’s suggestions.


Planning a group trip means agreeing on dates early enough

It can be tricky sometimes to settle on a specific timeframe. This is particularly when it has to do with large groups. It is important therefore to pick the dates as early as possible in advance. Consulting multiple people to get their desired dates can be tricky. Different people are going to have varying preferences. You can take advantage of scheduling tools such as Doodle to get an easy and quick way of locking things down. Once you have confirmed the time frame, communicate it to every attendee and insist that they stick to it.


Select appropriate accommodation

Small groups working on a tight budget can find it suitable to book a six or eight-bed hostel. It is private enough for the group and provides the needed privacy. Renting an apartment if you plan to stay long provides more comfort. These options are usually cheaper than paying for hotel rooms and offers you extra space such as a living room and a kitchen. If the only option you have is a hotel, consider directly contacting them. If desirable, you can request for rooms located on the same floor. Also, try to negotiate for group discounts for a better deal.