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Post travel depression

Lady thinking about beach to cure post travel depression

You will always receive advice from people on how to behave when traveling abroad. You are advised on how to cope with different cultures and morals, what to do and what to avoid. However, nobody tells you what to do when you get back home. There are different emotional changes that one is supposed to deal with after spending a long time abroad. Many people now ask whether post travel depression is real.



Why does it happen?

We already agree that traveling is a great teacher. The lesson begins with the freedom it gives you. You get to travel to far off places where people don’t know you. You get to do numerous things and experience different activities, cultures and then it comes a time to go back home. The freedom you get from traveling is what enables you to do different things freely. You get to realize that you are a tiny piece of a puzzle, which is the world. Not everyone gets to realize this. The people you know, do not look beyond the country and thus see it as the puzzle. As a result, you feel that they no longer understand you. You become less common with the same people that were your close friends. It gets sad and makes you want to go away again.


When you return

At first, everything is smooth and nice. Everybody wants to interact with you. They want to learn about your experiences and adventures. This becomes a routine and you feel like you are talking about the same things every time. Everyone you interact with asks the same questions and thus you are always giving the same answers. What was exciting to talk about suddenly becomes boring. Sometimes people ask certain questions out of ignorance about something you don’t even enjoy describing. Sometimes you feel that they are not seeing things from your perspective. Inside you, you start to develop something that is difficult to express. This is mainly because people no longer understand you which is frustrating.


Dealing with it

Amid all the frustrations, some people keep on traveling. Other people become expatriates in countries that have different cultures. Some, however, decide to settle down, hanging their travel boots. This is not a solution that fits everyone. At such times, it is significant to follow your guts.  Use all the lessons acquired during travels to grow in the right direction. Although a great part of transformation happens due to traveling, personal growth only happens within. If you travel with a group ,you can always chat it up with them to help deal with any depression you have.